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Apr 07,2021 ByDigichefs 465

The first impression is the last impression’. You might have come across this phrase and it’s equally important too. When it comes to writing an SOP, what you write is going to determine your future. The top-ranked European universities are quite particular about how you crack this task. For those who are coming across this term for the first time, SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. It is a long essay that a student writes before applying to a foreign university. In other words, it’s like an application that you write to your desired University that consists of points like about the student, why he or she wants to pursue the particular course and why they have chosen this University.

Hence writing an impactful SOP is of utmost importance. However, by keeping a few points in mind before you begin you can increase your chances of getting your SOP approved.

Let’s have a look at them:

1) About yourself: Professionally introduce yourself. Write about your interests, skills, vision and what brings you here. Mention your experience and achievements. The more ideal you look, the more will be your chances of getting selected. While there is a sop standard operating procedure introducing yourself should always be step one.
2 About the Program: For example, you choose Masters in Law, then mention the reason behind that decision. Why do you wish to pursue that particular career path? What are your expectations from the course and where do you see yourself in the future if you study the course from that University. Express your interest in the same and ensure the university that you have a vision for the career that you chose.

3) About your personality: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. While it; is necessary to highlight your educational achievements, it’s also important to mention your hobbies and productive pastimes. Tell them about your likes, strengths and characteristics. Last but not the least, mention if you have been a part of your college’s cultural committees. A lot of International Universities do value a person with social skills.

4) Do thorough research: Read books, read articles, go through blogs and gather as much information about the course as possible. Ensure the university that you have done your homework well and you are ready to take this as your career. In addition to researching the course, research about the university as well. Look at achievements, history and every important detail that will be helpful for you.

5) Execution: Before you think about how to write an SOP give yourself enough time. Think, visualize and implement. Look at SOP references online. Write, scrap it off and then write again until you feel right about it. It’s not advised to submit your first draft of SOP directly. Remember, practice makes you perfect. If possible, ask for an experienced person’s feedback by showing your draft to them.

So these were our key points of acing the SOP. Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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