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When it comes to choosing the destination country and university to study abroad in Europe, it can be quite a complex and time-consuming decision. The application process also varies from one country and one university to another. Uni Access provides with complete education consulting you need for seeking successful admission in European universities and migrating to your destination country from India. After you reach your destination country, we even help you settle and begin your new journey comfortably as a foreign student. We even have offices across EU so that you can visit us in person for assistance. Starting an international education journey is a life-changing decision. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, you need the guidance of the best overseas consultancy. At Uni-Access Education Consulting, we specialize in providing expert advice and support for students seeking education opportunities abroad. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in your pursuit of a world-class education. With a team of experienced consultants, we offer personalized guidance to help you choose the right educational path, select the Best Overseas Consultancy in India & best study-abroad university, and navigate the complex application process.

Education Consulting for European Universities

Choosing University/Country

We give comprehensive information on universities and their programs offered across all EU countries.


Visa Process

We can facilitate the visa process smoothly in accordance with the process, documentation and requirement list as per each EU country.


Holistic Support

We guide you at every step for health/travel insurance, accommodation, travel and ticketing, aptitude tests, financing, translation services, bank account opening and part-time jobs.

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Education Consulting

    Country and Course Selection:  

    • Our portal is a one-stop solution for everything you want to know about study abroad programs in India.
    • Choose your program based on country, course type, course language and field of study.
    • Apply online to all EU universities under one roof through our portal in a few easy steps.
    • Keep your application in our student database to which universities have direct access.
    • Ease of completing a registration form and attaching all documents in our standard format.


    • Our main motto is to offer support to Indian students aspiring to study in EU.
    • Profits are not on our agenda, but we do need to cover our operational costs.
    • Hence, we offer our services at the most affordable prices to suit your requirements.
    • The fee that you pay us will translate into savings of several hours and up to 50 € per application for you.

    Visa Process:     

    • We help you meet all requirements of the visa application process.
    • Get a checklist of all documentary proofs you need to provide to the visa officer.
    • Browse through a compiled list of visa consulates based on your location and destination.
    • Check the information on student and parent visa process.
    • Know everything about short-term visa, long-term visa and residence permit for foreign students.
    • Know all formalities and pre-conditions about inviting your parents to stay with you in the destination country.

    End to End Guidance:

    • Information on aptitude tests across different EU universities.
    • Information on all types of language proficiency tests across each EU country.
    • Recommendations on language institutes/tutors based on your location and country.
    • Country-specific information on study abroad financing options.
    • Explore from different financing options – parental income, personal savings, education loans or a combination of any/all of these.
    • Availing ofeducational loans.
    • Information on scholarship options available in each EU country.
    • Advice onmedical and health insurance.
    • Information on public vs private health insurance.
    • Assistance with university accommodation – student apartments/dorms/family flats/resident halls.
    • Assistance with private accommodation – company apartments/private housing/shared flats.
    • Translation services for documents in English and local language of destination country.
    • Bank account opening in the local country.
    • Travel and ticketing tips to reach your destination country.



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