Events for Universities and Students

Events are a great way for universities and students to interact with each other. They give an opportunity to universities to create visibility about their courses/programs among potential students as well as enhance their brand reputation in the market. As far as students are concerned, these events help them to get a peek into the offerings and culture of universities from close quarters.

We can arrange and customize these events seamlessly and affordably for universities. We can save your time and money, and increase quality student selection.



Get Pre-verfied students for your events.

Increase productivity.

Get data of all events digitally.

Monitor your performance on your events.

Save 50% of your costs.


Event Management by Uni Access

We can handle event management for universities across countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and South America. We customize the events according to your requirements, courses offered and budget. Even if you are a small or private university, we can bring reliable event management solutions onboard or offer special discounts. This way, we ensure that we attract only relevant or targeted students to the event, thereby reducing your efforts in selecting potential students.

Benefits of Event Management with Uni Access

When you partner with Uni Access for hosting your events, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Effortless management of events, reducing your time and efforts
  • Professional and qualitative events
  • Invite only pre-selected students in events
  • Expand your global presence
  • Free access to events in some countries
  • Efficient management of events locally without travelling to other countries
  • Get an extensive database of students
  • Cost-saving opportunities up to 40%

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