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Your application in 5 steps

Of courses you would like to pursue
    • Find out whether Uni Access is responsible for handling your application for the university of your choice. If not, procced as stated by the university.
    • Get information on various study programs and courses for the country you are interested in.
    • Check admission criteria, documents required & process of application.
    • Check application deadlines.
    • Check if you need to pay application fee and the mode of payments that are accepted.

Check and shortlist courses. Make a list of documents required for all shortlisted courses. Document requirement may differ from one course to another.

For Application
    • Prepare your CV, Cover Letter, Letter of Motivation/ Recommendation, Statement of Purpose among others that you need to submit in right format.
    • Check the list of all educational certificates you need to submit (Degree, Certificates, Marksheets/Transcripts).
    • Check the list of all language proficiency certificate & other aptitude tests that you need to submit.
    • Check the list of additional documents related to work experience, internship, project work & any other applicable.
    • Find out the list of certified copies you need to submit and whether translations are required.
    • Scan every document for online application. 
    • Make sure you have a professional picture which you may need for certain applications.

Make sure your documents are translated to English or the language specific to your country of choice. Always attach original copies along with the certified translated ones. Some applications may need your picture, so ensure they are attached as well. 

For choosen study programs;
    • Check the application deadlines and processing time.
    • Note down information on the standard application procedure.
    • Make sure you have all documents collected from course requirements.
    • Read information on special procedures from Universities and plan accordingly.

Apply as early as possible, ideally at least 8 weeks before the university’s application deadline expires. Applying in the first week of applications opening up is recommended.

Using the online portal :
    • Register your profile on the university portal.
    • Fill up the online application form for courses you want to apply for.
    • Please note that you need to fill up a separate application for each course.
    • Upload the required documents as per the requirements mentioned in the application form.
    • Few universities do not have online application and need printed form and documents. Hence download the form, fill in information and post the documents at the given address. 
    • Few universities accept application by emails. Hence documents can be attached & sent via email.
    • Pay application fees if mentioned by university or third party.

Third party companies may charge fees for application processing.
Use credit card for payments as its ensures quicker processing.

Afters sending your online form
    • Send a copy of your documents via post after you fill the application form online if required.
    • Make sure you receive an acknowledgement email for the same, since you should get a confirmation once done.
    • Track the status of your application on portal if possible or make sure you check your emails.
    • Universities or Third-party companies begin processing of your application as soon as they confirm your payment.
    • Check tracking number for your posted documents.
    • Contact course manager if you do not hear anything in 3 weeks’ time.

Make sure you post documents at-least 3 weeks before deadline. If you are late, use special services by courier companies to speed up the delivery. 
Do not forget to check your Spam emails as sometimes emails form Universities may end up in your Spam folder.