Student Database

Wouldn’t it be easy for universities and students to have common platform to access so that getting admission and finding students gets simple? We have built a robust database which will help students and universities to connect. Database in fully secure and can only be accessed by universities team under strict guidelines. Universities can take benefit and reduce their recruitment costs, while students can rely on universities.

Student Datatbase
Database of Student

Benefits For Universities


Complete & Secure Data

We make sure you receive secure data & complete profiles, which would be used by universities to find potential students.


Data Variations

Universities can choose your student data by several factors such as: Region (continent, country etc.), Study stream (Science, Economics & Arts), Data completeness etc.


Cost Savings

Universities can save costs on finding suitable students for the programs . Secondly data you look is already reviewed by our expert team.


Product Information

We have built this product for dual benefit of Students and Universities. Following are few crucial point

  1. Database will have student profiles across globe
  2. Data is always updated and monitored continuously; old profiles are stopped from being used. 
  3. Universities can use the service all year and rely for the shortfall of candidates in each study program.
  4. We make sure only complete profiles are shown to universities with credible information to make decision.
  5. Database can be accessed only by verified user and under strict guidelines (GDPR). 

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