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Is it the word ‘free’ that got you here reading this?
Well, we are here to make it worth reading and help you out when it comes to studying in Germany for free as a student aspirant.
There are so many things that many student aspirants are never aware of when it comes to tuition-free universities in Germany, educational policies that students can use to their benefit.
No matter if you’re from Africa, Asia or any other foreign country, Germany is one of the countries in the European Union where you can study for free.
With the highest quality of education, quality of life and some of the best universities in the world, Germany is considered one of the best countries to study abroad. 
Here are some of the public universities In Germany where you can generally study for free.
The low fee structure makes Germany an attractive option for many prospective students across the world without compromising on the quality of education, you can expect to receive a world-class education as a foreign student. 
 Germany has been ranked as the 4th most popular destination for international students in the world. Most of the German institutions rank among the top 100 in international rankings, the degrees are respected around the world and opens many possible career opportunities.
There are many free public universities in Germany. With 1000+ study programmes across 300 public universities in Germany, students have a wide range of options to choose from as per their interests.
Some of the largest public universities include:
University of Cologne
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU)
Goethe University Frankfurt
RWTH Aachen University
University of Münster
Ruhr University Bochum
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universität Hamburg
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
University of Würzburg
The German government has seen the potential of economic and social benefits of immigration. That’s why they absorb and encourage international students well to study in the country, and ideally to stay and work after graduation.
Now, domestic and international aspiring students can study for free, with just having to pay a small fee to cover administration and other costs per semester. The Germans believe that free access to higher education ensures better economic growth and welfare for the greater population. With the tuition fees for German universities abolished in 2014. In today’s time there only a few public universities can charge tuition fees.
Not just that, there are also many scholarships for international students in Germany.
One of them includes The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) an official scholarship database that allows students to search for suitable scholarship options, e.g. based on their country of origin.
Applying to study college in Germany is easy as long as you follow the instructions explained here.

So, what are the steps to studying in Germany for free?

Select a course of your choice
Select a University/College of your choice
Calculate your Tuition Costs (if any) and Blocked Account
Calculate your living and accommodation costs
Start Applying for your student profile fits
Get your German Student Visa
Taking off and life in Germany
Find a degree of your interest, preference and academic goals, as there are over a hundred accredited public and private universities in Germany to choose from, doing prior research can help you make the right decision also check entry requirements. 
 For colleges in Germany most common documents required are:
Recognized Degree Qualifications
Grade Certificates
Proof of German Language Proficiency (GDS Certificate, Dash Certificate): To gain entry you must learn B-2 German as a minimum.
Proof of Financial Resources
Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Reference letters
Also, make sure to check if the universities teach in the English language or not as it varies with the university. For an undergraduate degree knowing how to speak german proficiently is necessary.
We hope these tips help you in making the right decision for your foreign education goals to know about admission in german universities register for free with

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