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Degree Masters
Teaching Language English
Course duration Full Time - 2 years
Tuition Fees Amount 6000 € yearly
Additional Information On Tuition Fees Admission fee is 818 CZK
Non-European App. Start Deadline Description For Semesters Dates
Winter - 20 Jan -
Winter - 20 Jan -
Application Deadline Please send your applications before 20th Jan
Website Course Website
Scholarship Yes
More Information On Beginning Of Studies Winter semesters starts in September, Hence International students are requested to apply for Visa in time.
Course duration Full Time - 2 years


Non-European App. Start Deadline Description For Semesters Dates
Winter - 20 Jan -
Winter - 20 Jan -
Course Website

Course Website


A graduate of the M.A. program in Arts Management has a detailed knowledge of the status of contemporary culture and media and is trained in various skills like managing, organizing and communicating. During his/her studies, the graduate has matured into a distinct personality with the ability to deal with professional challenges independently and creatively. The graduate is prepared to apply himself/herself at high-level management of cultural institutions, as a producer in independent performing arts projects, and/or can serve as a specialist in performing arts financing, marketing or copyright law.

More Information On Beginning of Studies

Winter semesters starts in September, Hence International students are requested to apply for Visa in time.

Tuition fees Yes
Tuition fees amount 6000 € yearly
Additional information on fees Admission fee is 818 CZK
Costs of living Cost of living in Prague is approx. 600 € per months.It varies based on the area live you and also your requirements.
Scholarships Yes
Scholarships Details For scholarship information please check*
Academic admission requirements Please check course website for admission requirements. Admission requirements vary for various students.
Language requirements English courses needs to prove proficiency of the language. Ideally IELTS, TOEFL etc. Please visit our course description.
Document Required Application form, CV, Educational Documents (transcripts/Marksheets), motivation letter, Work experience letter, etc. List of documents may change from time to time, please check on course web.
Application deadline Please send your applications before 20th Jan
Submit Application To Please submit your applications here here*
Accommodation Yes
Accommodation Details More information on accomodations*
Support Programmes For International Students We provide all possible support to our international students.
Supervisor-Student Ratio -
About University The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague was established on 27 October 1945 by Decree No. 127 of President Edvard Beneš “on the Establishment of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as a higher education institution”. The first academic year was 1946/1947. Section 1 of this decree reads as follows: “This university has 4 fields: music, drama, dance and film.” Over time, some of the fields have become faculties, and the Academy of Performing Arts has moved into several historic buildings in the centre of Prague. The Film and Television Faculty (FAMU, the Film and TV School) is now located in Lažanský Palace on the Vltava waterfront, the Theatre Faculty (DAMU) is located in Koko?ovský Palace in Karlova Street, and the Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) is located in two buildings in Prague’s Lesser Town (Malá Strana): Lichtenštejnský Palace and Hartigovský Palace. With its approximately 1,500 students, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is the largest arts school in the Czech Republic. Its large number of applicants and demanding entrance examinations enable AMU to maintain a high level of selectivity in all three of its faculties. The number of students remains stable, the drop-out rate is consistently low, and graduates’ success on the job market is high. AMU offers its students the opportunity to further develop their talents and to refine their specific personal presentation in the areas of theatre, film, music and dance. It provides them with a deep immersion into their respective disciplines in the context of European culture, and enables them to identify their own place in Czech culture, which is determined by a unique blend of artistic, social and political life. AMU offers its pedagogues a workplace at the very centre of innovation in accredited artistic fields and at a leading arts research institution, which create good conditions for the development of all forms of study and research in the arts. AMU opens up a space for pedagogical activity to a significant number of experts from professional circles, and thus also draws on flexible feedback, making it possible to continuously update the instruction according to current professional standards. It provides the same space to the best doctoral graduates, and endeavours to secure funding for their starting positions. For the public, AMU not only enriches cultural life with theatre and dance performances, film screenings, concerts and their other artistic enterprises developed by their students, teachers and graduates, but also facilitates the proliferation of artistic fields outside of artistic circles, thus contributing to the cultivation of public space.
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