Which Are The 7 Best Places To Study Abroad In Europe?

Dec 02,2020 ByDigichefs

Studying abroad is always an individual's dream. In the European region, Sweden, Italy, and Austria may be the bell ringing. But they come up with few challenges for higher education; you need to strengthen foreign-languages, adapt to their unique culture. Let us talk about the best seven places to study in Europe below:

1. Portugal: It's a great place to stay for a holiday with light, warmth, and sandy sea; Portugal is ranked 35th in the System Strength Rankings and is home to various prestigious colleges, the highest place being the University of Porto at 308th overall. Portuguese colleges are joined by polytechnic institutions, focusing on practical and professional teaching in the regions, for example, nursing and design.  

2. Sweden: Sweden is a unique, kind, and sensible country and is Nordic's highest ranking in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, coming in 14th place. Swedish colleges are among the top-ranked countries in Europe, with eight including QS World University Rankings 2015/16 - of these, the most crucial being Lund University in the combined 70th region. 

3. Austria: Austria ranks 29th in the System Strength Rankings, known for its advances in music and personal expression. Of the seven top Austrian colleges, the University of Vienna, the most established in the German-speaking region, ranks the highest in 153rd. Austria has a wide range of educational opportunities, including Fachhochschulen and a wide range of human-speaking colleges. 

4. Belgium: In any case, Belgium is an incredible choice if you need to focus on English, with many English-language projects and citizens with knowledge of the language. An important area of ?? global government problems, its colleges are equally international in their view; among them, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is the highest Belgian college to join the 82nd in the world. 

5. Estonia: In Estonia, you place a 49th on System Strength Rankings and are a pioneer in advanced careers. Estonia's creative landscape is empowered academically, with activities set to help young students with ideas that evolve into the real world. The highest positions of Estonian colleges are the University of Tartu, the 400th in the world.

 6. Italy: Next in our line to the best places to focus overseas in Europe is Italy, ranked 13th in the System Strength Rankings. Known for its rich history as a law, Italy is also home to part of the world's most established and respected colleges, with 26 agents in the QS World University Rankings, Politecnico di Milano ranks the highest in the 187th. 

 7. Finland: Coming as a significant difference in Portugal's warmer climate, the Nordic country Finland ranks nineteen in the System Strength Rankings. The most crucial Finnish college is the University of Helsinki, which ranks 96th place, and eight additional delegates to the World University Rankings are among the top 450 in the world. Study Finland, and you will have the opportunity to experience the nation's unique culture and extraordinary splendour, with its rugged slopes and magnificent Northern Lights. 

 I hope the above article helps you in making the right choice for your next career move!


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