Data Science in Germany

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Data is the primary factor influencing business decisions in the digital age and driving market expansion. Data science positions are highly sought after globally due to the size of the data world and the expanding global market. Data insights are employed to comprehend consumer behavior, identify market trends, and develop effective business plans.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe, with a GDP of over $4.3 trillion, according to IMF estimates. In the middle of the worldwide recovery from COVID, the IMF also estimates a 2.1% annual GDP growth for the nation. The market economy's revival and expansion in Germany create a hub for business prospects and raise the need for data scientists in the labor market. Data science professionals seeking employment will find many profitable chances in the nation and learn new strategies for advancing their careers.

Scope of Data Science in Germany:

  • Due to the collection of structured and unstructured data from numerous sources and online platforms, cloud computing and data engineering have become more popular among businesses in Germany.
  •  The variety of options and competitive pay have led LinkedIn to list working as a data scientist as one of the most promising careers. MNCs like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, which rely on user  data to identify patterns and gather information, prefer candidates with a master's degree in data science.
  • Data scientists make about €66,000 per year, with additional incentives, and the compensation has climbed by 15-20% over the last five years, according to data published in Data Career.
  • Leading German cities like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg are becoming home to renowned national and international businesses, which will improve career chances for data scientists. 
  • According to statistics from LinkedIn and Glassdoor, the number of job listings for data science positions has increased by 200% since last year.
  • A data scientist in Germany makes an average annual pay of €55,492, according to Payscale. 
  • The average salary for those who fall into the 0–1 year of experience bracket for them is €49,912. 
  • The average compensation for a data scientist with 1-4 years of experience is €55,107. 
  • A Senior-level Data Scientists with 10–19 years of experience make €118,504 annually.

Data Science Career Domains:

  1. Data Scientist- Analysis of data in search of useful insights is the responsibility of a data scientist. Finding the data-analytics issues that offer the company the most opportunity is one example of a specific task.
  2. Data Analyst- A data analyst examines data to find significant customer insights and potential uses for the information.
  3. Data Engineer- Data engineers create systems that gather, handle, and transform unprocessed data into information that data scientists and business analysts may use to evaluate in a number of contexts.
  4. Data Architect- The terms "data architect" and "data engineer" are commonly confused since they are similar. The main responsibilities of both roles are what differentiate them from one another. The data engineer is in charge of developing that vision, while data architects build the vision and plan of the organization's data infrastructure. 
  5. Database Administrator- DBAs, also known as database administrators, ensure that data analysts and other users may quickly and simply access databases to locate the information they require.

Highly recommended Data Science development companies Germany :

  1. Siemens
  2. Ai Superior
  3. Bayer
  4. bitsCrunch GmbH
  5. Welf Lab
  7. RIB datapine GmbH
  8. Sigma Data Systems
  9. Cubeware GmbH
  10. Qymatix Solutions GmbH

Career Domains and Salaries 2022:

Some of the popular Job profiles in Data Science are listed below along with the salaries: 

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